Universal MNT ACC

Universal Wi-Fi mounting accessory can be used with all indoor Access Points(external antenna connectors) supporting wall mount brackets. This weatherproof (wall mount) enclosure can be used In installing indoor Access Points with an omnidirectional antenna in specific areas like outdoors, freezers, or humid environments.


Install note:

Install the Access Point inside the weatherproof MNT ACC (WPENCL-WM-Omni), mount the Omni antenna underneath the MNT ACC, connect to the Access Point (make sure to seal off all cable and antenna entries). Mount this MNT ACC to the wall/beam with the wall mount kit.



Grey polyester, RAL 7035, IP66, dimensions 400x300x206.



Deliverables mounting accessory

  • WPENCL-AIR-Omni (enclosure)
  • Included with wall mount pads (Wall mount kit)
  • Antenna not included!


Optional accessories

  • acc-WPENCL-Heat => Heating Module (heater, Thermostat)
  • acc-WPENCL-KeyLock => Key-lock module
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