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How does it work?


First of all, we need to know what your project is all about!
We have an online form to fill out; the information you provide us here gives us a good idea of what the requirements are for your private home or business. Together with this information we also need the floor plans of your site.
Once we know the scope of your project, we will send you a detailed quote of all the steps and their pricing.

Once we get the green light for your project, we can start designing your complete network.
We will send you a draft version of the network design, together we can fine-tune the network design until it meets all the requirements and the aesthetics as desired.

The completed design document includes:

  • Complete network design with heatmaps
  • Kit list of all network devices and cabling materials
  • Floor plans with cabling points
  • Floor plans with the install locations of the Wi-Fi access points
  • Floor plans with the install locations of the IP security cameras


When the network design document is approved, we will configure and test all network components in our TestLAB. When done, we will ship out all network equipment to your site.
Meanwhile, your preferred cabling installer can install and test all network cables.

When the network equipment has arrived on site, your preferred installer can all the network equipment as foreseen in the install document and patch all the active devices to the assigned ports (documented in the install report).

When the physical install is complete, connect the (active) internet cable from your internet provider to the designated port as documented in the install report.

If all went well, our Neo Wireless engineer will have access to your network and start testing en fine-tuning the network.

When done, you will have one week to test and evaluate your network.

When completed, we will guide you through the management portal, explain some tips and tricks, and we can sign off on the project.

A remote support contract is available when required.

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