IP Camera's

UniFi Security setup
Seamless integrated into the UniFi Network

IP Camera G4 Bullet

A powerful, sleekly designed camera ready for indoor and outdoor deployment. Captures 48 FPS video at a crisp 4MP resolution over gigabit Ethernet. Night vision + IR extender

IP Camera G4 PTZ

A pan-tilt-zoom camera that pairs versatile control with high-end durability. Strong, metallic mounting provides an extra degree of tamper protection.

Pan, tilt and zoom capability give the camera an impressive range of omnidirectional motion.


IP Camera G3 Flex

A small and versatile HD camera with a large capture range. The wide-angle lens ensures expanded surveillance and enhanced security.


IP Camera G4 Dome

A durable, HD (4MP/1440p) camera that delivers reliable indoor and outdoor surveillance. Captures 4MP-resolution video at 48 FPS over gigabit Ethernet. Infrared LEDs and an automatic IR cut filter ensures detailed day and night monitoring.


G4 Doorbell

A WiFi video doorbell with an integrated display and two-way communication capability. Features a built-in 5MP camera that streams up to 1600×1200 HD video at 45 FPS.

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