Universal MNT ACC

Universal Wi-Fi mounting accessory can be used with all indoor Access Points(external antenna connectors) supporting wall mount brackets. This weatherproof (airborne) enclosure can be used In installing indoor Access Points with a directional/patch antenna in specific areas like outdoors, freezers, or humid environments.


Install note:

Install the Access Point inside the weatherproof MNT ACC (WPENCL-AIR-Patch), mount the directional/patch antenna to the Art-Arm-Patch-Universal, connect to the Access Point and align in the recommended direction (make sure to seal off all cable and antenna entries). Mount this MNT ACC to the ceiling/beam (Airborne mount kit) and lower to the recommended height.



Grey polyester, RAL 7035, IP66, dimensions 400x300x206


Deliverables mounting accessory

  • WPENCL-AIR-Patch (enclosure)
  • Art-Arm-Patch-Universal
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (max chain length 2.5m from the ceiling)
  • The antenna is not included!

Note: If the mounting accessory needs to be lowered down more than 2.5m from the ceiling, please order the XL version.


Optional accessories

  • acc-WPENCL-Heat => Heating Module (heater, Thermostat)
  • acc-WPENCL-KeyLock => Key-lock module
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