Specific MNT ACC for Cisco

Cisco specific Wi-Fi mounting accessory can be used for all Access Points with 4 external antenna connectors combined with the AIR-ANT2544 antenna. The Cornermast-C-2544 can be helpful In installing the Cisco AIR-ANT2544 antenna against a corner of the building.


Install note:

Install the AIR-ANT2544 (omnidirectional) antenna onto the Cornermast-C-2544 MNT ACC with the acc-support-C-2544 (included). The Cisco Access Point can either be installed inside the building or outdoors in a weatherproof enclosure.


Remark: Extra antenna extension cables might be required if the Access Point is further installed then the original antenna cable length - AIR-CAB00xLL-R


Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Cornermast-C-2544
  • acc-support-C-2544
  • The antenna is not included!
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