Universal MNT ACC

Universal Wi-Fi mounting accessory can be used for all enterprise Access Points with external antenna connectors that support T-rail (15/16”/24mm) clips.


The Air-Uplate-Patch mounting accessory allows the installer to mount the Access Point and external directional antenna at the desired height.


This (airborne) mounting accessory can be helpful in a warehouse, production, or high ceiling area. The Air-Uplate-Patch MNT ACC hangs by chains from the ceiling, beam, or other ceiling structures so that the Access Point can be lowered down and installed free from obstructions.


Install note:

Install the Access Point and antenna onto the mounting accessory (Air-Uplate-Patch) and install both on the ceiling/beam by chains and lower down to the desired height, align the external directional antenna in the correct direction.


Note: Make sure that routine work procedures will not be obstructed due to the installment.


Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Air-Uplate-Patch
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (max 5m drop from the ceiling)
  • Art-Arm-Patch-Universal not included! (Product ID 2125)
  • Antenna not included!
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