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Specific MNT ACC for Mist

This MIST networks specific Wi-Fi mounting accessory can be used for all indoor MIST Access Points. The Air-Uplate-Swivel mounting accessory allows the Access Point to be installed airborne with the ability to align and lock the Access Point in the desired direction.

This (airborne) mounting accessory can be helpful in a warehouse, production, or high ceiling area. The Air-Uplate hangs by chains from the ceiling, beam, or other ceiling structures so that the Access Point can be lowered down and installed free from obstructions.


Install note:

Install the Access Point and antenna onto the mounting accessory (Air-Uplate) and install both on the ceiling/beam by chains and lower down as much as possible to the correct height. Align the Access Point to the desired direction and lock the Access Point with the lock screw.


Note: Make sure that routine work procedures will not be obstructed due to the installment.


Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Air-Uplate-Swivel
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (max 2.5m drop from the ceiling)

Note: If the mounting accessory needs to be lowered down more than 2.5m from the ceiling, please order the XL version.

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