Combi (MNT ACC + AccelTex Antenna)

This (airborne) combi mounting accessory can be helpful in a warehouse, production, or high ceiling areas. This combi Air-Uplate-Patch mounting accessory includes a 3 leads (RP-SMA) patch antenna (Gain: 4/7dBi - Horizontal Beamwidth: 114/47 - Vertical Beamwidth: 56/32).


Install note:

Install the Air-Uplate-Patch-245-47-3L-SMA by chains from the ceiling, beam, or other ceiling structure so that the MNT ACC with directional/patch antenna can be lowered down, aligned, and installed free from obstructions. Install the Access Point on top of the mounting accessory with the included AP ceiling T-rail clip or wall mount bracket.


Remark: Make sure that routine work procedures will not be obstructed due to the installment.


Connector Type - RP-SMA x3


Deliverables mounting accessory

  • Air-Uplate-Patch
  • Airborne Mounting Kit (max 2,5m drop from the ceiling)
  • 3 leads patch antenna (Gain 4/7dBi - HB: 114/47 - VB: 56/32).
  • Antenna not included
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